Listen to the new @mouselink podcast minimalist format - Recorded & edited entirely with an iPhone

#24 - Lance Armstrong persecution exposes hypocrisy

Lance Armstrong vs. Oscar Pistorius: Why is our acceptance of augmented humans so inconsistent? It’s ok for models and “The Blade Runner,” but Armstrong is a bad, bad man.

#23 - My life-long ‘battle’ with coffee. Also, older dads.

Does coffee work the same way that a homeopathic supposedly does? A little makes you feel good, but a lot can have the opposite effect. Also, what’s the quality of genetic material passed on from older dads to their kids?

#22 - Intro to new @mouselink podcast minimalist format

I have a tendency to make the creative process too difficult for myself, and this hurts my ability to be more prolific. When the message is what’s most important, the format and production shouldn’t get in the way.

The answer is sticking to a simplistic, non-traditional, short-form media creation process. I have to do my podcast more like I handle Instagram. The point of using an iPhone to generate content is that you can “whip it out” anywhere and start creating.

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