#Tweetstock007 Reminded Me That Developing an Authentic Voice is Key for Any Social Media

In our use of social media, we have lots of choices to make, and one of the most important is the type of voice we develop. Will it be corporate or personal, serious or playful? Angry, political, religious, agnostic, positive, negative, or neutral? Nice or mean, smart or … not? It is a choice we make when we begin to speak for ourselves or a brand, but it is also a developmental process that never ends, and it is reflected every single time we post something for an online audience, whether it be a blog, Facebook update, or tweet. Through that voice, we create in the minds of our audience an evolving, yet enduring, impression of who we are are and what we are about. It’s a persona. And this matters a whole lot.

This last week I had the pleasure, honor, and privilege of being invited to make a presentation at Tweetstock 007 in Brantford, Ontario, Canada. This is more of a “rock show” for social media enthusiasts, than it is a conference, in my feeling. Very professional, but also, not stiff. I like this. For me, the opportunity of being able to take in social media presentations and be exposed to the thoughts of expert Internet marketing professionals from all walks of life, is an experience rife with lessons in allowing myself to be authentic, genuine, and candid. …

Vulnerable, even.

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