Podcast: Last year’s rant on social media disillusionment (in three parts)

Is the Web 2.0 bubble about to burst? Is the honeymoon over for social media? A special three-part conversation on technorealism and social media: 

Pocast #12 - The Klout debacle

Part 1 of 3: Social media fatigue leads to a personal program of selectively culling my social media efforts.

Podcast #13 - Committing Facebook ‘suicide’

Part 2 of 3: More and more people I talk to are deleting everything from their Facebook, and deactivating their accounts. Are you one of them?

Podcast #14 - Quitting Foursquare, email, and more  

Part 3 of 3: After all this time, Foursquare seems pointless, I HATE email, and too many businesses are failing in their social media.

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