Getting Found Online

Essential Search Engine Optimization Skills (SEO)
One workshop in two three-hour sessions

The information explosion continues, as the amount of Internet data we are all creating will increase by 50-75x in the next 10 years. With that much information out there, how will people easily find you or your business when they search online?

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Hire @Mouselink aka Matteo Wyllyamz

Matteo wants to know, “What’s your story?”

Matteo has been a media instructor for 20 years. Today he works as a public speaker, teacher, analyst, and consultant in new media and internet marketing.

The amount of data in the world will increase 50-75x in the next decade. Will people be able to find you in the midst of this information explosion? Will traditional marketing techniques be effective in this new age, or is the Internet just a new way to advertise? 

To find the answer to these questions, we must learn how to tell an authentic human story. The technological tools available to us today represent unprecedented opportunities to share our experiences through rich new decentralized forms of media.

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@Mouselink Workshops & Business Training

Internet Marketing & Social Media Education
by Matteo Wyllyamz

@Mouselink is the internet handle of the New-York-based author, teacher, public speaker and artist, Matteo Wyllyamz. Matteo is interested in new media, visual communication, “technorealism,” and future trends forecasting. He writes and speaks about the ways in which emerging technologies impact our society, communities, businesses, schools, and us as individuals.

This approach is sometimes referred to as “futurism.”

Matteo Wyllyamz speaks on futurism, new media, and Internet marketing topics

Are you paying attention? Our planet is changing at an exponential rate. If you don’t know what dramatic changes are coming in the next few years, how will you be prepared? Or will your adaptations come too late? 

Matteo specializes in bringing the details of these emerging technologies to those who may not already be paying attention, and creates visual and spoken-word presentations on these same topics. Matteo likes to tell stories within the framework of the “philosophy of technology.” Many of these stories are global. Some are local. All are personal.

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Social media has now been around long enough that we’re past the honeymoon stage. The hype has died down, and realistic evaluations of its effectiveness are settling in. Which networks are still going strong, and what services may not be worth your time?